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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I didn't doubt a moment B'Ellana would live through her wake-dream ordeal in sick-bay. With the doctor and Tom and the captain watching every moment. There she meets Kayless and the 'first' Klingon and she has another argument with her mother. It's one of the few shows that seems so un-immaginative.
In "Tinker, Tailor, Doctor,Spy the doctor asks for more power and sub-programs for his already affluent program. This he receives but only because of Janeway's generosity.
You know how B'Elanna died in faces?

And they replaced her with a duplicate?

And never mentioned it again?

Just saying.

They could have replaced her again easy.

And since she was just a Frankenstein's monster science experiment, isn't it remarkable that she thought that she had a soul?

So precious.

I mean, since she didn't have a soul, and her children wouldn't have souls, everyone knew during that episode, that she was just dreaming in a near death state, which is all they were doing in flatliners, getting high...Till everything went horribly wrong with that punk kid ghost wailing on Jack Baur.


Barge of the Dead was all about B'Elanna tripping balls.

Nothing else.
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