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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: The Finale Thread (SPOILERS)

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I would like to ask both Chris and Dave, how the find the experience of killing off a major character? Does it come easy? Or is it a difficult task? Does it slow down the pace of your writing as you deatail the event? Have you ever regretted doing it?
Who, me? What major character have I killed off? There was Leybenzon in Greater Than the Sum, but I'm not sure he was around long enough to count as "major." And there was a certain original character I created in Watching the Clock who was pretty major within that book, but not beyond.

I've sometimes had to kill off major characters in my original fiction, and it can be very painful. A couple of times I've cried for half an hour after I did it. But it was what the story needed. But I haven't yet had that experience in Trek Lit. Leybenzon wasn't a character I really connected with, and getting rid of him was an editorial mandate, so I didn't really feel it as much as those others. And the DTI character's demise was offscreen, so it wasn't as direct and hard-hitting.
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