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Re: Malcolm Reed/Dominic Keating Appreciation Tea and Big Gun Societ

I was wondering when you people would get back to the object of this thread's desire.

TiberiusMaximus wrote: View Post
So I just watched "Affliction" and "Divergence." Malcolm was great in those episodes. I love how unflappable he is...the calm, totally nonchalant way he said "I believe we're under attack" had me laughing out loud it was so awesome.
Great Malcolm episodes. I even did my own video tribute:

teacake, these hot Dom pics are hot! *fans self*

Here's a wallpaper sized, text-free version of the one from "Kir'Shara":

jespah wrote: View Post
Is there a means for posting a youtube so that the video is on site? I tried youtube tags but it looks like they don't exist here. Thanks much in advance.
Like so: [ yt ](url of video)[ /yt ] (omit the spaces)

But if you try to edit your post, the link to the vid will vanish. A weird little glitch.
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