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Re: Is Dave Bailey still waiting to get picked up ?

I suspect Bailey would have "lost it" being constantly subjected to Balok's boistrous laughter. I know it got on my nerves by the end of that scene.

Imagine, 6 months later (or however long you think works better) the Enterprise returns to First Federation space to meet with Balok and retrieve Bailey. They find the greater structure devoid of power, the domes no longer illuminated. On the far side, they discover a small energy signature, the "pilot" vessel running on minimal reserves. They beam aboard and see the place a shambles. The air is stale and where the infamous puppet once rested, the desicated head of the real Balok sits upon the doll's shoulders. Morbidly enthralled by the site, they jump upon hearing a feeble imitation of Balok's annoying laugh. Upon the loounging dais, they discover the body of Balok, equally mummified by the sterile atmosphere, the head of the puppet positioned upon the bloody stump of a neck. Again, the laughter. They realize it's not coming from the lifeless body, but from a form, hidden within the shadows, huddled and rocking back and forth by the "bed". It's Bailey with a haphazardly shaven scalp, wearing, or rather trying to wear the headband Balok once sported.

"He still laughs you know. We used to laugh together, but after a while I realized Balok laughed at me, not with me. And he wouldn't stop. Everything I said, everything I did, made him laugh Day in, day out, that mocking laughter! I thought...I thought if he was a bit more like his friend, he might stop. He did...for a while. But the laughter eventually returned. And you know what? I'm glad! I realized I missed it. Why don't you laugh with me , Captain. Come on. Let's have a good laugh. Don't you feel like laughing?"

Okay, that scene might have gotten a little...out there.


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