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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aldeberan Whiskey
B is for Bones. All McCoy had left after his wife took everything in the divorce. I thought they did away with divorce lawyers by then?
C is for Crystalline Entity
D is for Denobulan head inflation
E is for Evasive maneuvers
F is for Flotter
G is for Gaila, Quark's cousin
H is for Hat. As in the people on the 'Justice' planet had sex at the drop of...
I is for Inaprovaline. The penicillin of the [COLOR=#bbccff]Star Trek[/COLOR] universe. "An injection a day keeps space sickness away."
J is for Jenolen...a ship that never quite makes it to it's final destination.
K is for Khan, Lenara. The other Khan.
L isfor Lantarus Sector.
M is for Metron
N is for Nero...the cause for so much change and trouble in the timeline.
O is for "Oh, my." (Kirk's last words)
P is for Pergium
Q is for rich, hearty Quadrotriticale...a tribble's favorite snack.
R is for Ramscoop
S is for Sarpeidon, the stomping grounds of the irascible Mr. Atoz.
T is for Tantalus field
U is for Uniform. Or are they pajamas?
V is for V' seriously pissed-off and lonely mutated space probe.
W is for Weytahn
X is for Xindi super weapon
Y is for Yangs
Z is for Zaldans one the rudest Star Trek species ever.
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