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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I saw it last night and liked it. I enjoyed the beginning sequence, and it was nice to see the helicopter and have a reminder that there's a bigger world out there.

But seriously, what is with the women? Suddenly Carol and Maggie are whispering to their men that they'd be better off on their own. Daryl seems pretty unimpressed and it looks like he's with Rick pretty much no matter what which is fine by me.

Rick probably should have told them about the infection but I can understand why he didn't. The rest of the group should cut him some slack, he's had to try and hold the group together while the rest of them have been wandering around bitching.


I figured the red shirts were going to die and we didn't know them well enough for their deaths to have any real impact.

I kinda wish T-Dog had just kicked Lori and Beth out and continued driving to the coast. He's done absolutely nothing this season, I'd love a little bit at the start of next season just seeing him chilling out on the beach drinking a mojito.
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