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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Tribble has some new features.

Ship Interior Doff contacs and actual dilithium mining!

Edit: The ship Interior missions seem pretty cool. Not to thrilled about the NPC contacts. While they are in their appropriate places on the ship, this feature just screams DEPARTMENT HEADS (With the exception of the Bartender, Chef and possibly the counselor. Instead they are generic crewmen.
I am uncertain about some of the missions requiring dilithium now without returning any but like that food has a purpose now (oh dear, my bank AND inventory is always full these days anyway and dear god, I DON't want to put food into the bank together with tribbles!!!)
The military guy hanging around the ready room has a plethora of military and espionage missions who I will be visiting frequently from now on. In fact, I will do most of my doffing from my ship now, there is more then enough assignments to fill all mission slots.
Visiting the appropriate contacts should make it that much easier to find usefull assignments to level in specific departments.
This is gonne be paradise for Rocketeer!

Can't say anything about the mining event yet, I just managed to look at the starting room on the mining asteroid.
My Tribble toon hasn't completed The 2800 yet, so didn't have the EVA suit. There is a Ferengi that sells you some for dilithium, but those suits are bugged. You can't exit the airlocks with those atm unlike the mission suit.

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