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Re: Was Janeway a bit of a tyrant?

Between the lines, what Janeway said was "This is not an internal matter. We are participants in this conflict with a vested interest in the greater good that can be rendered by a positive outcome which we have an obligation to see through to a conclusion because we have emotional connections with the locals which are equivalent to legal connections."

Which is bullshit.

How was Janeway involved?

She met a slave cow race living on a kazon world in kazon controlled space and felt sorry for them because their masters were assholes? Most slaves really arn't happy about it, and didn't even put a band aid on the problem.

according to this a free person who stole a slave in America was subject to execution.

Can we expect the Kazon to be less draconian?

if that's how they felt abvout taking the girl who spits in thier food, how do you think they'll feel about the woman who blows up their space station they've been trying to aquire for the last 50 years?

Did Janeway know that it would take her two years to remove herself form the limits of Kazon influence?

She knew that they were a reputable species that traded with everyone in that sector.

Not that the Kazon Oogla really amounted to much after that.

And the Kazon Nistum's beef with the Janeway was all about Seska being a dick.


On that day.

The first day (third?)

How was the Federation legally and politically entangled in that mess?

What jurisdiction, and what responsibility, and what duty of care did the empire of which Kathryn was the chief representative of have a singular fleck of interest in some backward hillbillies playing with godleveltech and smiting some masochistic lemmings thy legally had the right to smite as hard or often as they wanted?

The Prime Directive told her to walk away if she wasn't welcome.

Instead she started a war that might last for the next million years.

Janeway starts a million year war which the federation might lose and Seska gets knocked up.

Who to you sounds like the better diplomat?
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