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Re: Star Trek: End of the 24th Century and Beyond Version 2.0

Part 10

At Gamma Station Three, some of the new species come to trade.

The USS Felis NCC 100247 begins its 8 year voyage of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant.

The Enterprise (NCC 1701-F) begins exploring to one side of the Alabama’s route from the Commonwealth to the Federation. They become involved in a situation on a planet that had been affected by Anna’s journey. (And that hadn’t been visited by Anna and Q). They also explore a nebula.

Q appears on every Federation Planet over 9 months, in order of the members joining, studying each in turn.

Anna Jones meets another traveller like herself.

The Cybernators attack a secret Typhon Pact outpost...

A legion of Jem’Hadar defect from the New Dominion to the Dominion.

More exploration and trade from Gamma Station Three.

The Felis discovers Preserver planets, with cultures from Earth, Bajor and Tellar along its exploration path…

The Enterprise returns to the Federation after a long exploration mission.

High ranking members of Section 41 decide to infiltrate the Federation, so as to investigate whether it is a threat to the Commonwealth.

Anna rests in a region with low traffic.

Q is seen on several Gamma Quadrant Federation colonies.

Conferences are held on Gamma Station Three about New Dominion encroachment into that region.

More exploration and trade from Gamma Station Three

The Felis makes many discoveries.

At the Dyson Sphere, one of the civilisations joins the Federation, after being allied with the Federation for the past few years.

Anna discovers evidence of Federation exploration in a system far beyond the official exploration area.

The New Dominion attacks a Dominion colony, in the beginning of a long ‘lukewarm war’.

The Enterprise explores space close to the Federation.

A Cybernator ship is destroyed attempting to take over a Federation colony.

Rumour of a threat deadlier than the Dominion reaches Gamma Station Three. More discoveries and first contacts are made.

The Felis hears of a separate threat.

Anna rescues a crew of an exploration vessel, after that vessel encounters difficulties.

The New Dominion establishes an outpost between Dominion Space and the wormhole.

Q is seen on various Klingon worlds.

A fleet of Federation ships destroy a Cybernator outpost located near NGC 6281.

Gamma Station Three is attacked by an anti-Federation alliance of worlds, beginning the 2nd Gamma War. This war doesn’t escalate beyond the Ratalita system though.

The Felis doesn’t hear about the 2nd Gamma War at this time. It makes some first contacts. And finds a pre-industrial Preserver world where there are many cultures from different Federation worlds on it, including Bajorans, Tellarites and Nasats.

Anna Jones, after going across space where there are no interstellar nations, runs into a nation which seems to be under attack by an alliance of Species 8472 and Hirogen hunters. She finds that Species 8472 and the hunters were acting independently. She realises that she can do nothing to help them. She continues on her way.

Gary Seven stops a Section 31 operation that was happening on an outlying colony of the Commonwealth.

Section 31 stops a Section 41 operation that was happening on an outlying colony of the Federation.

Gamma Station Three prevails in the 2nd Gamma War which ends towards the end of the year.

The Felis makes more discoveries.

The Enterprise patrols an area of space contested by the Federation and the Tzenkethi...

Anna helps the crew of an exploration vessel from a planet very similar to Earth get back to their home planet. She finds that it looks very similar to Earth, but with many differences.

A marine civilisation is discovered in the Dyson Sphere’s largest sea.

A planet rebels from the New Dominion and is taken by the Dominion.

The Enterprise is involved in diplomatic missions with the Tzenkethi’s neighbouring polities.

Gary Seven prevents Section 31 from obtaining an Iconian artefact.

Section 41 Agents manage to copy all of the data at Memory Alpha...

Q is seen in the Typhon Pact...
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