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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I agree with the poster upthread who had reservations about Michonne appearing. I'll give the character a chance, of course, but I'm one of those people who never read the comics either. TWD is fairly grounded in reality with real people in an extraordinary ZA kind of circumstance. When I saw Michonne with her chained zombies, it was a very "sword and sorcerer" image. I found it jarring in a bad way. It may work. I hope it works. But as someone unfamiliar with the comics, I can understand a reaction to her presence.

Apparently Kirkman has suggested that Lori's reaction was that she was angry with herself. That does not match what we saw on screen...but that COULD be a plausible reaction. After all, Lori knows something that Rick does not...Lori's final conversation is what set Shane off.
Plausible, but you're so right that it doesn't match what we saw on screen. With all due respect to the poster who noticed that her facial expression didn't change until Rick told her about Carl, what I can't get over is that she was in physical contact with him to comfort Rick about the group's reaction to the virus reveal, but that she backed away when he told her he'd killed Shane. All I can do is filter that through what I think I'd do--if I thought my actions had caused a lethal situation for which someone else was blaming himself or herself, that last thing I'd do is actively try to make them feel like shit. But that's just me. Lori's behavior is bipolar.

Also, what does Lori expect Rick to do to keep Carl from "turning stone cold" as she said right after Sophia met her fate? Rick didn't kill Randall because Carl was watching. He had to shoot Sophia--no choice. If Lori had actually kept an eye on Carl he wouldn't constantly be getting out of the house. Gender roles you were speaking of to Andrea, Lori? Remember that? No, Mr. Kirkman, the character didn't come across as "angry at herself." She came across as judgmental, unfair, and just plain wrong. Zombie chow.

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