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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

The fucking axe is being treated like Wolverine's claws. Just as Wolvie's little soldiers have to keep erecting themselves, to thrill and delight the audience, Lincoln's axe has to keep rising to the occasion...over and over and over and over. Wolverine's sexiness would be at an end if the claws weren't retractable. Lincoln's axe wouldn't be so thrilling if it just chopped. The way the studio tries to sell this tripe with a clown waving a phallic symbol around is quite annoying because it really does insult our intelligence.
That's what has your knickers in a twist? The axe???
Huh. I'll be damned. That it was a phallic symbol hadn't even crossed my mind. What got me about the trailer was that shot of Walker's eyes as he looked up. That's really all it was. I thought he had the most stunning eyes. Struck me like a bell ringing.

It's not just the axe, stj. Women like their action heroes with emotional vulnerability. The kind that makes men gag a little bit. Wolverine's tough, he has claws, but he's got that vulnerable shit going on that we chicks like. There. You can "call me out on that," as if liking a movie trailer is committing an offense. That Lincoln can also kill vampires is what keeps him from being a Twilight character aka a pussy. I wish I knew why the trailer angers you. There's a difference between something in entertainment that makes you roll your eyes and something that makes you so angry.

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