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Re: My copy of Shada arrived today

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What I can say with certainty is that the North American distributor for BBC Books' Doctor Who product cannot distribute the BBC Books edition of Shada.
Interesting. It will be interesting to see if that actually makes a positive impact. I was really expecting more of an interest over here in the Moorcock novel, but it was very much underpromoted and didn't exactly make the front-of-store New Releases racks, either. Maybe Ace/Berkeley might be able to make a bit more of a splash with this. Of course, this isn't written by Adams, per se. But then again when Eoin Coifer or whatever his name was did a new Hitchhiker's book the media was all over that.
I really think it's the Adams factor at play here. A New York publisher sees the words "Douglas Adams" and they think, "Hey, we can make money on this!" I hope it's an experiment that works and the BBC gets what they've wanted since the late '90s, an American publisher.

As for Moorcock and Terraphiles, I totally agree with you. The ball was dropped. The ball was dropped on other books. And that's all I'm able to say on the subject.

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Let us now if you spot major differences. And this has happened before? I'd never heard of any changes in Adams' work.
There are minor differences in all the Hitchhiker's books (usually jokes), some significant differences in Life, the Universe, and Everything, and major differences in The Salmon of Doubt. The Wikipedia articles on the H2G2 books list the major differences in each book.

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But I can't imagine today's readers standing for such a thing. Especially since it's so dead easy now to get the "unexpurgated version" via online order or e-books for that matter.
The truth is, the average book buyer isn't going to notice -- or even know. You didn't know that the Hitchhiker's books were different between the US and UK editions, for instance.

It's truly a nerdy thing, knowing about different editions of books.

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Well, thaks for clarifying that one. Now the question is which site is right about the North American release date, Amazon (July 1) or Barnes & Noble (June 26).
I'm going to say June 26th. I think that's when the young readers books, that weren't previously available in the US, are going to be available as well.
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