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Re: Disney's JOHN CARTER

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should've stuck with "Princess of Mars"...
Warlord of Mars, to avoid confusion, if JC is the main character. If they wanted to title it Princess of Mars, then Dejah should be the main character, which would be fine by me but that's not what they did.

And let's face if, for Disney to release a movie called Princess of Mars will lead most people to assume it's an animated fairy tale. Don't make the mistake of assuming the audience knows anything about the source material, because they don't.

Why make their jobs tougher than they need to be, by creating a misleading impression that they'll have to spend millions on countering, while at the same time spending millions more trying to sell the movie? Call it Warlord of Mars and focus on selling people the epic romantic story of a tragic Civil War veteran who gets his chance at love and redemption on an amazing alien world.

Warlord of Mars tells you it's an action movie ("war"); about a guy fighting for power ("lord"); it's sci fi ("Mars"); and it's kind of retro ("warlord") but that can be cool. The title doesn't get "romance" or "redemption" in there, so those elements should be the focus of the marketing campaign. And there you have the whole package.
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