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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Herschel: What about Jimmy?

Rick: Uh... he didn't make it, the RV was overrun.

Hershel: What? How did the walkers overrun a moving motor home?

Rick: Oh, I yelled at him to pull it over by the awning so my son and I could jump on the roof.

Hershel: What the fuck? Why didn't you just stay on the roof where it was safe? Why did you make my son in law park the motorhome next to a horde of zombies?

Rick: Well... I had set the barn on fire.

Hershel: ...

Rick: It killed like 8 zombies?

Hershel: I want you off my goddamn farm.

Rick: ...

Hershel: Actually nevermind, please stay on the farm.
To be perfectly honest...I still don't get HOW the zombies got Jimmy? Was he a dumb ass and forget to lock the damn door? The door swings out so the zombies would have had to been able to open it. Additionally...why exactly did he stop and run to the back anyway? Once they were on the roof all he had to do was drive over to a safer spot and then let them in. As long as Rick and Carl held on they would have been ok. Jimmy's death was the only one that did not work for me since I could not figure out how the Zombies got to him.
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