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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Herschel: What about Jimmy?

Rick: Uh... he didn't make it, the RV was overrun.

Hershel: What? How did the walkers overrun a moving motor home?

Rick: Oh, I yelled at him to pull it over by the awning so my son and I could jump on the roof.

Hershel: What the fuck? Why didn't you just stay on the roof where it was safe? Why did you make my son in law park the motorhome next to a horde of zombies?

Rick: Well... I had set the barn on fire.

Hershel: ...

Rick: It killed like 8 zombies?

Hershel: I want you off my goddamn farm.

Rick: ...

Hershel: Actually nevermind, please stay on the farm.
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