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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Who is the Bajoran in white at 52 seconds in?

I love the Lwaxana clips, one of my favorite characters. And as someone said in the youtube comments, extra points for including Moogie

There's great editing with the lyrics too. "in her suicidal thighs" is the Borg Queen. "She'll leave you high and dry" is Vash. And Janeway gets "with her toys like the boys she is second to none".

My 52 seconds is Uhura.

The Bajoran BEFORE Uhura was Kira in the DS9 ep where everyone plays characters from the 1950's.

The Bajoran AFTER Uhura was the chick in TNG who "won" the right to go undercover (against her fellow lower decks crewmembers) on that Cardassian mission where she ended up dying.

She was Worf's project and it was very at the end.

(I LOVE Lwaxana Troi! )
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