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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Magical or sci fi cop shows are an evergreen TV trope. I don't mind 'em when they turn out good like Grimm has, but I don't want them taking over genre TV like they sometimes threaten to do...

Speaking of things that are good or maybe not so much...Eddie Izzard is Grandpa! (What, Meat Loaf wasn't available?)

Izzard will play Grandpa, the Munster family patriarch, a powerful, ancient vampire with an irrepressible twinkle in his eye. He can shapeshift into rats, wolves, and other creatures at will, but he’s also dapper and charming in a fedora; he is a Don Juan-type womanized with penchant for flashy, sexy outfits.
They're not calling it The Munsters anymore, so why not just sever the connection entirely since it's obvious they're not really interested in the original characters anyway.
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