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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Even though they are all infected the pathogen strain is passive until the moment of death, then it becomes active. When they are are bit by a zombie, it's active strain passes to the victim thus causing the victim to die. Medically speaking this does happen in nature with various viruses that have dorment/active stages.
Or, people don't die from zombie bites. They die like Amy did - from massive blood loss, and then they turn.
Don't forget about the guy in season 1 who they left tied to the tree, who had been bitten, and slowly got feverish until he died. Can't remember, did they leave that guy a gun so he could off himself before he turned?

But anyway, the bite was clearly the reason his condition worsened to the point of death (and imminent zombification).
Was not tied to a tree and he refused a gun. Jim wanted to be with his family a walker
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