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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I dunno, the Odyssey-class makes the Galaxy feel somewhat small these days:
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Thanks I'm thinking of buying some more slots at some point to get a Galaxy class as well. It's one of the few I really feel I'm missing. It just looks so fantastic, and there's not beating it in sheer scale!
The Galaxy class is a popular one, but I've never liked it. In fact my free Galaxy Refit has never been taken out. You do have a few choices though with the Galaxy, Refit, and Dreadnought. Plus the Nebula/Nebula Refit is it's Science sister. I've also seen some successful Galaxy tanks.

Well, I'm more of a fan of the Galaxy. I've always liked the look of it. The Nebula is an other favorite. The Odyssey, while an intresting ship in some ways, and certainly full of potential for some nice build what with it's capacity, is a bit too derivative in it's design of the Sovereign in my opinion. The Soverign was such a new design compared to the Galaxy class that I feel the Odessey as a new flagship, didn't break the amount of new ground that I would have liked. The split neck is a good element though.
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