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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

= Lori's conflicted feelings over Shan e. Don't forget shane DID save her & Carl from doom. They wouldn't be alive today without him. And if Rick hadn't survived after all, she would have been with Shane, with no guilt. So she's certainly a littl emessed up.
Don't forget, she was whispering in Rick's ear like Lady MacBeth only a few episodes ago, implying that Rick should "do something" about him because he thought that Rick couldn't keep her and Carl safe, and telling Rick that she believed Shane killed Otis. If she loved Shane so much, why does she turn on a dime? That's more than conflicted. That's bipolar. She had an out. Shane offered to leave. She said "you don't have to." Queen of mixed signals doesn't cover it.

She makes no sense. Shane is the man she had to fight off in the CDC when he was drunk. If a man will rape you, he's not a good option for a violence free relationship. Lori is 35 years old give or take. She's acting like a teenager who just can't get over the "bad boy." The problem with bad boys is that they don't change when you settle down with them. Rick's the boring "nice guy" or he was. Hell, who wants a guy who'll be noble and forgive you for moving on from him in 10 minutes before your body was cold? Who wants a man who isn't a jealous, possessive ass? Not our Lori. How did she end up with Rick? They were obviously having more severe problems in their marriage than first believed. All it took was three weeks or so and both her and Carl became completely attached to Shane after years with Rick. From Rick's point of view, damn that's gotta hurt. I find it realistic that contributed to pushing him off the deep end in his final scene.

If Lori becomes zombie chow, it won't be any great loss. EDIT--I agree that running over zombies would risk damaging your vehicle. I wouldn't have done it.

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