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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Lori needs to be tied to a tree and doused in Ketchup...I couldn't believe the way she walked away from Rick with such disdain when he told her he had to kill Shane, because Shane was plotting to kill him. What did she expect to happen? She set the wheels in motion and pushed both freight cars towards each other.

Glad they kept Herschel and Maggie alive. With Dale gone, we need that older, calmer, liberal voice in the character set, and Herschel is a great addition to the cast (Though I was sad to see Dale go). The show hasn't had a chance to show how deep a relationship Maggie and Glenn have yet, so, it would've been a waste of Dramatic build up to kill Maggie off so soon. With furthering developing their relationship next season, if/when one of them dies, there will be much more drama then if they had killed her off this episode.

Michonne looks like great fun, can't wait to get to know her. What will Andrea's reaction be to Shane's death if/when she rejoins the group?

The prison presents great possibilities, and a great backdrop to explore the Characters' individual baggage.
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