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Re: My copy of Shada arrived today

If you can excuse me from usurping this thread for a moment, I was wondering if anyone knew what the deal is with the 416 page hardcover Shada which Amazon says is available now and the 336 page hardcover Shada Amazon says won't be available until July 1? Is there a reason two seperate hardcovers are being released?

Interestingly enough, there is no shipping info to accompany the 416 page version, but no product details for the 336 page version.

Looking around on other sites, Chapters only has the audio book and E-Book available, no print versions at all. While the only print edition Barnes & Noble has available is the 336 page hardcover, which they say is going to be released on June 26.

Anyone wish to clarify anthing here? Assuming I don't want to order from the UK, what are my options? Order the 416 page, wait for the 336 page, or just wait until I see one in the stores and buy that?
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