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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: The Finale Thread (SPOILERS)

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The only mention I saw in the thread you linked that was a series lead (title character) was McCoy, and I'm presuming it was "old McCoy" from the 24th century. Killing McCoy (or Spock, et al) in the 23rd century (and having it 'stick' might be another story.
Well, obviously not, because we know he's still alive in "Encounter at Farpoint."

So we can expect a book showing the death of, say, one or more of the TOS characters BEFORE their scheduled demises when, exactly?
There, you just admitted it. You can't "contradict canon". So they have "script immunity" for any point save going forward from Nemesis on. That makes, for example, the TOS line featuring the Enterprise and her crew virtually locked in as far as storytelling goes.
There's nothing to "admit," because it's hardly a secret. Every tie-in in every franchise is obligated to stay consistent with that franchise's established canon. You might as well say I "admitted" that gravity makes things fall down or that water is wet. The only way you'll get a character death that contradicts established canon is in something overtly marked as an alternate universe, such as under the Myriad Universes banner.

But the point is that it's irrelevant to the current novels, because just about everything we do these days is set after the ends of the various series. That's why Janeway isn't an exception. The books have been free to make major changes in the lives of canonical TNG, DS9, VGR, and ENT characters, and if a story came along that featured the death of Picard or Kira or the like, it would probably have no more difficulty getting approved than the story of Janeway's death.

If anything, the exception is the TOS setting that you're mistakenly treating as the rule. TOS is the only series in which the current books are usually set during the canonical run. Everything else has been advanced beyond the endpoint of what canon says about the characters' fates, so we have free rein with the majority of Trek characters.
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