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Re: JOHN CARTER movie fans already demanding a sequel

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On the other hand, Starship Troopers is up to, what, 3 movies now? And there've been a number of other underperforming or straight bomb films that have received sequels. If there's a perceived demand someone could well do a direct-to-video sequel.
Starship Troopers had a budget of $105 million. The second film had a budget of $7 million and the third cost $20 million; the lack of money spent on the sequels show, painfully.

Is Disney even in the business of direct-to-DVD live-action sequels? Especially in the face of the sinking home video market, I'd say chances of a cheap DTV sequel are a long shot in the most optimistic of universes.
IMO, the script to Starship Troopers 2 was so bad that even a $70 million budget wouldn't have helped it. Presumably, the script to John Carter 2 could be at least as good as that to JC, since there's plenty of ERB where that came from. However, no doubt significantly fewer effects could hurt its prospects as a direct-to-DVD, though perhaps not among the core audience. Would it be enough to justify it? Who knows.

Still haven't seen ST3.
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