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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

Next week's episode promo had me actually yell out in excitement! I'm such a fanboy and nerd

Point of no return and this week will be very long!

As to the current episode:

Liked it.. the case seemed interesting enough but usually my mind wandered off somewhere, missed some clues and when i finally paid attention again i was confused because i apparently missed some key explanations.. oh well, no harm done because i rarely watch Castle for the cases.

I just absolutely loved the personal stuff in this episode.. Martha and Alexis finally have a bit to do and not only saying 2 lines, hugely enjoyed the bro's out with their theory testing (i so like them.. i'd watch a show with them as the leads anytime!) and also the small moments between Castle and Beckett such as him bringing her coffee again and she watches up, flashes a big smile and says I love you with her eyes.. it seemed like an old married couple where both of them know each other inside out and do stuff for each other without having to ask for it.

Yeah.. i love the show but i'll be probably drooling on the floor come next week when almost 4 years are starting to pay off and there's still a few episodes left in the season!
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