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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Some random thoughts:
= Rick not telling people about "the secret" -- It's just added unnecessary stress. i mean, was anyone EXPECTING to die (like of cancer or pneumonia or something)? The only way someone in the group would have died (in the short term) would be by murder...and if THAT is a worry -- well, things are already messed up. A new worry downer would certainly have hurt things

= Lori's conflicted feelings over Shan e. Don't forget shane DID save her & Carl from doom. They wouldn't be alive today without him. And if Rick hadn't survived after all, she would have been with Shane, with no guilt. So she's certainly a littl emessed up.

= How much REAL sleep have people had over the past, what MONTH (at best)? No wonder they're stressed out!

Can't wait for season 3!
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