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Re: Star Trek Vanguard: The Finale Thread (SPOILERS)

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Shakaar and Mr Homn are walk-ons at best.
I guess you didn't follow the link to the thread about the many canonical characters who've been killed off in Trek Lit, including other fairly big ones. And no, Shakaar was not a "walk-on," he was a major guest star in three episodes (one of them named for him), was referenced in multiple others, was a pivotal figure in Kira's past, and was the ruler of his entire planet.
Sorry, Christopher, but I'm not buying it. As a character, he's at best a "recurring guest star", not a series lead. The only mention I saw in the thread you linked that was a series lead (title character) was McCoy, and I'm presuming it was "old McCoy" from the 24th century. Killing McCoy (or Spock, et al) in the 23rd century (and having it 'stick' might be another story.

Janeway is one I'll give you, but she's the exception to the rule. Characters from "dead" franchises are not as immune as "active" ones
The last time any Prime-universe series was "active" was -- wow -- nearly seven years ago now. Everything is equally inactive except the Abramsverse, which has no presence at Pocket except in the young-adult books.
So we can expect a book showing the death of, say, one or more of the TOS characters BEFORE their scheduled demises when, exactly?

So no, Janeway is not the exception to the rule, she's the illustration that the old rules no longer apply. CBS Licensing is no longer watching over the books and saying we can't make this major change or that major change. Except where the Abramsverse is concerned, the novels these days pretty much have carte blanche; as long as we don't contradict canon, there's no problem with making major changes, because there aren't going to be any new films or shows in the Prime timeline in the foreseeable future.
There, you just admitted it. You can't "contradict canon". So they have "script immunity" for any point save going forward from Nemesis on. That makes, for example, the TOS line featuring the Enterprise and her crew virtually locked in as far as storytelling goes.

Not so with OC characters, which was the point I was originally making. You can do virtually anything you want with OCs, since they have no inbuilt expectation of "script immunity" on the readers' part.
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