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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Now that was nice fun PvP.
I went into Ker'rat to find some Klingons and I found out just how good my build really is. It took 3 of them to kill me and they had to work for it.
Two I could take on and even managed to destroy them from time to time.
Sovereign is just that awesome.
Doubt I could have done that with the Odyssey. To compensate for the aweful turnrate I would have had to get more heals and sacrificed DPS.
And then a stalemate would have been the best possible outcome.

Now where is my Sovereign Refit with that Rapid Burst Torpedo launcher the Enterprise used in First Contact?
And yes, the FC Sovvy would be a godsend in this game.

So, I spent (an aggregate) two hours today trying to get my build and Boff balance up to something I could appreciate, and I think I've done it. I was in Ker'rat a while ago, and took on a Tac Odyssey, and a BoP. Anyway, so they start tearing through all of these other players, and me being one who likes to foolishly step into such things, but also wanting to test my new setup, decided to take him on.

At first, it was myself and three other ships against the two of them, but eventually, everyone else left except for him and his BoP friend, and for about 10 minutes, we just fought back and forth. Finally, after blowing up the BoP (who never returned), I got him down to his last few points, but then he sped off, way out of weapons range in a split second. Still, I did it!

So, my DPS is about what it used to be, my defense is back to at least what it once was, and having survived this PvP match, I can honestly say I'm satisfied with the results.
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