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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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On to tonight's show...great opening and neat homage to DWtS.
That's twice in the past few weeks they've done an episode that seemed to be designed to promote another ABC show. I find that sleazy and mercenary. However, despite that, it turned out to be a pretty solid episode with a classic ultra-convoluted Castle mystery. Moira Kirland still delivers.

And it was so cool to see Alexis playing Quincy and deducing a homicide from a coroner's report, even mentioning good ol' petechial hemorrhaging as evidence of suffocation. (I've been hearing that phrase on procedurals for years, and never knew how "petechial" was spelled until I looked it up just now so I could write it down. And it's hard to look something up when you don't know how it's spelled. My first guess was "patichial.")

But,,did they just go there???? Barbara Landau???? props to those who got it!!!
Oh, I missed that! Hmm, I wonder if it was in reference to her impersonating someone else (as Landau's and Bain's characters did weekly on Mission: Impossible).
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