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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

33. To Catch A Thief (B+)

I wonder if this movie is better viewed before one sees North by Northwest. There are a lot of similarities between the two Hitchcock films, from star Cary Grant, a blonde love interest, the presence of Jessica Royce Landis, Grant's character being on the run for something he didn't do and encountering a woman who susses out his true identity, etc. But Catch just isn't of the same calibre as its successor. It has plenty of strengths, of course. Grant is in good form, and has strong chemistry with Kelly; their dialogue is a lot of fun. The costuming, art direction, and cinematography are superb (and I imagine this would have been even more exciting to audiences in the 1950s, where location shoots were still relatively new instead of Hollywood backlots). However, its setpieces and plot aren't nearly as fun or interesting, the supporting characters likewise.

Cinema: 8
Home Video: 20 (+1)
Computer: 5
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