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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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I probably already said this, but as long as they don't do the stupid shit Bones and Hunter and X-Files did - suddenly reveal that they ALREADY had sex without mentioning it.
Bones did that -- only mentioned that they had sex via Angela... as for the X-Files, All Things, anyone? That made it pretty clear, without having an actual sex scene... that they did it . Scully coming into the bathroom and putting her shirt back on... that's a pretty big clue right there , along with seeing Mulder naked in bed...

Sex scenes don't have to be seen to be known. There's already a lot of that on tv these days. It's nice to have shows that don't go for the obvious sex scene.

On the other hand, a good make out scene in Bones or the X-Files would make up for some lost time, to a point.

@ Admiral_Young: Great news! Looking forward to watching it .
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