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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

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That TED presentation was epic. Presumably, this would be the son of Charles Bishop Weyland, though I doubt they'd mention any direct connections with the other series (AVP or Predator for that matter). I can still imagine it to be.
Me too.

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I think they're pretty much considering Charles Weyland from AVP to never have existed and having Peter Weyland as the company founder.
Not necessarily. Perhaps Peter is just picking up where Charles left off, as it were. There's nothing seen here that categorically denies Charles' existence, although I wouldn't expect this film to mention him (different writers?).
Oh come on - Why all this contortion to fit this and AvP (of all films) into some grand plot. Do you think Ridley Scott really cares for what any AvP or any film maker did of the alien sequels?

No... The only connection will be to film "Alien" - if at all. There will still be PLENTY of contradictions in the films. It is clear that Scott is not viewing this as a direct sequel or prequel to the film. A lot of details will not match up. For one, LV-426(?) looks like a completely different planet. The technology does not match, nor will the timeline.

Ridley is merely making a film using a lot of the Alien ideas and designs, but not the 'xenomorph' itself. Trying to make it something more than that will just cause you headaches. Enjoy it for what it will be.
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