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Re: "Emissary" Line by Line

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So he was the culprit. I was wondering why the last thread or two didn't immediately jump into another LbL and drag on for another four days for no reason.
Sorry you couldn't enjoy it, though you were always welcome. It didn't drag, and there was only 1 reason for it, to keep entertained while we waited - remember the waiting we sometimes had to endure?
They were amusing for a page or two. After that, it was like most of Family Guy's sidebar jokes that just go on and on and on and on to where you're begging for it to end so they can get back to the main part of the show.
Several people played, and I'm truly sorry you couldn't see the fun in it. It also, I might add, served an unintended purpose, it kept the thread active and people looking in to see if a new person had been picked, and what new episode had been chosen. I am really sorry that you didn't find it fun. I'm also sorry you didn't find the marathon postings to finish an episode fun. And the after LBL's ended once a new episode was chosen.
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