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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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What if the families of both wives end up in conflict and both want the political alliance benefits, whose side would the multiple-husband choose?
The king sides with whomever he wants; marriages aren't a commitment like that, particularly since, under the Targaryens, they were thoroughly established on the throne and didn't need to guarantee the support of their great lords like that (before Robert's Rebellion, there had been 300 years of Targaryen monarchy and none of the lords paramount had even raised arms against the crown).
If the rest of the Kingdoms looked down upon incest except for the Targaryens (because they had dragons to enforce their will, and by the time they died out everyone was too used to them in power), why would they be okay with polygamy for non-Targaryens?
They were fine with the king having two wives. I really don't see why you think they would automatically object if neither of them were related to him. Once you've established the precedent that the royals can marry polygamously and marry outside of their own bloodline, having two non-sister wives seems like a pretty silly place to draw the line.
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