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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Quadrant
B is for Beta Quadrant. Must be filled with space monsters, whale probes, and Tholians. Lots of Tholians.
C is for Cetacean Ops
D is for Delta Vega Lithium Cracking Station
E is for Energy. "Pure Energy". C'mon; you know the song.
F is for Fal-tor-pan
G is for G-type star. Of which our sun, Sol, is an example.
H is for Hard decisions which Starship Captains must make
I is for in Steve Inhat.
J is for Jean-Luc Picard. Not Johnny Pikard.
K is for K'tinga class cruiser
L is for Lazarus
M is for Mitchell, Gary
N is for Nimoy, Leonard Nimoy. The real Spock.
O is for Orion animal women
P is for Paul Comi
Q is for Quark. The most nefarious criminal in the entire Alpha Quadrant. In Ancient Ferengi his name means "Keyser Soze".
R is for Reman
S is for Starfleet Headquarters in San Fransisco
T is for Temporal incursion
U is for Undine
V is for Vreenak. It's a faaaaaaaaaaake!
W is for William (Riker)
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