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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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The head of Sy-fi said it's not like they have a big choice. They pick from the same box of tired old ideas over and over again. He actually said something like this. Boy, there's creativity for you and wearing a $1500 suit to boot.
Was it this guy who said that? Looks like SyFy's SVP of original programming has left "to pursue other opportunities," the classic code words for getting the boot.

Funny, SyFy has been doing okay in the ratings, so why did he get the axe? Maybe they've realized that it's slightly embarrassing for AMC to have the hottest, highest-rated*, most critically acclaimed sci fi series on the tube, which is making everything on SyFy look tired and boring by comparison.

*Despite what Blastr would have us believe, Person of Interest and Big Bang Theory are NOT sci fi! The Walking Dead is even beating all the sci fi shows on broadcast, that's impressive. Lots of people still don't have even basic cable.

EDIT: holy SHIT! TWD's season finale got 9 million viewers! That wouldn't be too shabby even on CBS!
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