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Re: Resistance is Futile: The T.H.U.G. Collective is TRIP-tastic!!

Hi All,

Has anyone seen 'Fairly Legal'? - I don't think we get this one ...

Good news that Connor's got some work!

Yes, I've seen it. It's about a lady lawyer who works with her late father's young widow in their law firm. She specializes in getting people to negotiate settlements rather than going to court which costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time. Frankly, I think she's also a pain in the butt.

Anyway, the guy in the picture that Connor tweeted is the Pain In The Butt's ex-husband.

Hee hee, the women in these precedurals he's specializing in now are ALWAYS a pain in the butt!

Well, he's wearing a nice suit in that photo, but I'm not holding my breath when it comes to number of lines

I hope this is a better part than his appearance on The Closer
Not just The Closer.
24: Less than 3-5 minutes of screen time.
NCIS L.A.: A minute or so.
Lincoln Heights (he had a couple of episodes, but not much screen time)
Pretty Little Liars (couple of scenes, but not much screen time).

For crying out loud, his Club Med commercial lasted longer!

What happened to his screen time!! He got a lot more in his first few appearances as a rookie, too! SLIDERS, TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL ... those were the days !

and of course...

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