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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Congrats to Kilmarnock but I hear a player loss his dad at the game, heart attack or something what a terrible week.
Indeed, our young midfielder Liam Kelly, his dad Jack suffered a heart attack at full time at Hampden, and sadly passed away shortly afterwards in hospital. Life can be unbelievably cruel at times, the boy went from one of the greatest moments of his life to the absolute worst in the space of a heartbeat.

And many thanks to all for your congratulations.
As any fan who supports a lesser team will know, days like these happen only a few times in your life.
I know the Scottish League Cup is hardly the greatest trophy in the world, but watching my team finally win it against the best team in Scotland means as much to me as a Champions League victory will mean to a United or Liverpool fan. I will cherish the triumph until the end of my days!
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