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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

sojourner wrote: View Post
I know the prison storyline in the comics is great, but is anyone worried about a general backlash against it in regards to the show? I can see a lot of reviews to the effects of "great, they finally get off the farm and now they're going to sit in a prison all season".
That's possible, but I think - even excluding my personal knowledge of the comics - that a prison setting presents more obvious storytelling opportunities than a farm. Securing parts of the prison, exploring, finding people who may have been left behind, and so on. I think most reviewers would look at the prison as a more "exciting" or "interesting" setting than the farm.

timothy wrote: View Post
well hopefully we will have a full 25 ep for the next season.
Won't happen. Ever. Stop posting about this wish for a "full" season in threads devoted to cable shows. 13 episodes is cable standard; anything more, such as the 16 total we'll be getting for this show next season, is a bonus.
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