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Okay, now I'm gonna take you to task for what you did to the command structure here.

I can understand Archer turning command over to T'Pol. I can understand T'Pol turning command over to Reed. Where common sense breaks down is Reed's response. He should have just said "Very Well" and accepted command.

T'Pol is relinquishing command for a reason. With practically the entire human complement of the crew sick and Phlox overrun trying to care for them and find a cure, T'Pol wants to pitch in where she can do the most good, but that means she's not going to have time to deliberate and make decisions over non-critical matters. That means Reed's unnecessary humility utterly thwarts T'Pol's intentions. If she doesn't have time to just make the decisions on her own, she and Phlox sure as hell don't have time to be part of some tripartite council. Their patients will be dead in five days!

Also, Reed is stuck figuring out how to run a ship designed to be operated by a crew of eighty by himself, so there's no way he's going to be shuttling back and forth bringing Phlox and T'Pol sandwiches and running their errands. We're not talking about Enterprise-D, where you can just tie everything into one console and just tell the main computer to do this and do that. If there's a problem in Engineering while he's at the helm trying to avoid an obstacle, they're f***ed!

I often get into arguments around here about what I call Gene's Maxim - "Make it about the characters" - because paid and fanfic writers alike tend to follow it to the detriment of other aspects of the story. This is a prime example. You obviously wanted Malcolm to be the focus. Fine, but to do it you left him with an impossible situation and made him look like a fool in his response to it.
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