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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Since this thread is semi-offrails as it is, and I don't want to wander into the Gaming forum, I may as well ask ol' GoddyBen this here.

Of the following sci-fi franchises, who's ending do you think has pissed off its loyal, dedicated fanbase the most:

C. Altered ROTJ
D. ME3

I'll go with B.

A was bad, but not horrible.
C was irritating and stupid, but hardly unexpected if you'd seen the altered earlier films.
D is not one I'm personally familiar with and is probably too recent for comment.

B, OTOH... this is a "Valentine for the fans"? Really? Which fans in particular? The fact that ENT had actually improved during its final season, and that this is what we get to finish things off...I mean really, the only thing worth watching is the montage at the end.
Heh, I just started a thread in the ENT Forum a few days back about TATV Popularity. As insulted as us BBS posters felt over the episode, apparently it was well loved by the General Public (Must be TNG fans, I guess), because I just noticed on the "Captains Log" Fan Collection Box set, TATV was selected as a Fan Favorite. Apparently, even though we disliked it so much, they knew what they were doing
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