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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Everyone at work here watched the finale last night. We were talking about it on coffee break.

He shouldn't have told them Jenner told him at all, instead just lept to that conclusion "on his own". "Wow, Rick, you are insightful. Maybe everyone is infected."
No, he shouldn't have. Rick was making many mistakes because of stress, sleep deprivation, and guilt. He does feel guilty for killing Shane and it shows in the way he told Lori and the group. That's what intrigues. There is still a soul in there though he's ready to crack. With Otis, Shane flat out lied. Rick didn't sugar coat, even when it would have benefitted him. Shane was "pushing me, pushing me." He should have emphasized more how dangerous Shane was. Shane did what he did to impress Lori and get her and Carl back. Rick always acted for the group, or at least he tried to do so.

That's the difference. At least that was my main desk clerk's interpretation and I agree with her. We all agreed that Lori could have put an end to the group's fear of Rick's possible future actions if she'd admitted that Shane tried to rape her at the CDC and she had to fight him off her. No one would have trusted Shane from then on, but no....she's mourning him. That woman is twisted. What other point in that flashback from the day Rick got shot in the earlier episode? She craves drama. She's not a good wife. She went all Lady MacBeth and then resented Rick for not playing the role of the good, non violent loyal lapdog.

Good thing for Rick that Daryl figured out what happened with Shane because of the tracks. At any rate, though the writers are crap with Lori (seriously Kirkman, she was mad at herself? ) they've set the Rick thing up so intriguingly for season 3. Who doesn't want to know what's going on with him? The one thing that worries me is the sword and sorcery character with the subued pet zombies. Seems jarringly out of place in this universe.

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