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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Lifers, Golds, and F2Pers alike.
Yeah, I'd rather have a good time than have the latest, greatest weapon or the shiniest ship. That's not a problem in PvE. However, in PvP, the boys with the shiny ships and weapons are going to spank you.

Agreed. Shoot, I'm just trying to keep my Excelsior from falling apart while in combat.
I will say this: I found out just how bad I am with escorts. I flew my Defiant class retrofit and got my rear repeatedly kicked a dozen times, and I'm not talking in PvP, I'm talking Ker'rat, and taking on the Borg. Just *boom*.

Though I do wonder if there's a bug. I refitted my Excelsior class retrofit with all antiprotons, 2 Mk XI blue Mag regulators, readjusted my Boff abilities primarily for defense instead of DPS, and I still managed to get blown to pieces in seconds by a Borg cube. This didn't happen before the latest patch.
Its very easy to turn escorts into a glass cannon. That's what happened to my ship initially, it couldn't even handle a D'dridex in FEs but I learnt. These days, 7 out of 12 of my BOFF abilities are defensive in nature. They include 2 tactical teams, 2 emergency power to shields, 2 transfer shield strength and 1 hazard emitters.

Even with these abilities, my ship will still crumble under sustained attacks so typically if I cannot destroy the opponent in 30 seconds, I punch evasive maneuvers and get out of there.
I'll wait for the abilities to recycle before jumping back into the fray. Basically, hit and run.

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This is how my Defiant retrofit looks:

I used this thread as a basis, and made some modifications:

Worked out fine for me. Sure, I still blow up real quick if I'm careless, but as long as I think before diving in and keep an eye on my shield skills and distribution, I come out on top more often then not. If nothing else I do massive damage.

Also, I'm not done yet with that ship. Still things to be added and upgraded.
I love that you named your ship after Nicole de Boer. Right now, my engineer's ships are named after trek writers.

USS Meyer, Miranda class, for Nicolas Meyer who gave us Wrath of Khan.
USS Fontana, Constitution class, for Dorothy Fontana who is my favorite TOS novel writer.
USS Piller, Stargazer class, for Michael Piller who wrote many TNG episodes.
USS Echevarria, Galaxy class, for Rene Echevarria who wrote many TNG and DS9 episodes.

I'm still wondering what to name my Sovereign, but that's still a few levels away. Probably USS Moore or USS Frakes. And if I ever get the Excelsior, it will be the USS Nimoy.
USS Sentinel, Luna Class (STO)

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