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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

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I have copies of the construction drawings of the TOS shuttlecraft so I have a pattern for the corrugated surface to work from. I started with the first curvatures, rotated two of those 6 degrees until I had thirty degrees of curvatures, than copied and rotated those twice until I had 90 degrees (or a quarter of the cylinder), copied and rotated that once 90 degrees to make a half cylinder, then finally copied and rotated that 180 degrees to make the whole cylinder. Once I got going it went pretty fast. I left it at that last night and I'm left with cutting the distinctive curved end shape which I'll do this evening after work.
there is a multiply function with the move and rotate copies. Say my pie section is 10 degrees, so I need 36 total pie sections for a full circle. I rotate my first copy into place and click to place it. Then I type in 35x for the 35 copies including the one i just made and it will rotate them into place for you. Uses the offsets of the first copy to place the following ones, one after another. Works great for creating fan blades inside nacelles too.
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