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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Rick explained himself...poorly. He should've said he thought Jenner was mental. Also, that Shane was gonna shoot him.
Rick did say he thought Jenner was mental. Twice.
You expect me to pay attention to the ravings of guy who keeps big secrets from the group and murdered his best friend?

(Yeah, I noticed rewatching.)

He shouldn't have told them Jenner told him at all, instead just lept to that conclusion "on his own". "Wow, Rick, you are insightful. Maybe everyone is infected."

Noise in the woods.

1. Michonne and Andrea caught up to them...somehow.
2. Walker
3. Deer, someone will see it and get shot, that's how every season will open, with someone getting shot.
4. Prison folks
5. Shane's ghost that only Rick can see....Bernthal was a good cast member they wanted him back.
6. Mountain men, and...they think Rick's got a purty mouth.
7. The African American guy and his son from the pilot, they someone caught up with Rick.
8. Ted McGinley, to ruin the show.
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