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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

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I'm calling it a night even though I'm in the middle of shaping the aft nacelle cowling with the distinctive corrugated surfacing. Oh, lots of fun...
the first time i built a nacelle i started with a cylinder. lots of repetitive work that way. The second time i needed to make a nacelle, i had just become aware of the copy functions of the rotate tool.
-I created a pie slice with just one corrugated "tongue" on the end, rotated copies of it into place to create the end-cap cross-section (remember to use the multiply function as well), cleaned out all the lines inside so there was just one surface, and extruded that surface.
-Grouped that temporarily, created a shape with the s-curve, intersected the two, deleted the unwanted parts of the shape, exploded the group, and deleted the back end of the end-cap.
For some it may look odd that I'm only working on half the ship, but it's actually easier to do just the one side then duplicate and reverse and then put the two symmetrically identical halves together. Then I can add what few asymmetrical details afterward..
The smart way to do it.
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