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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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If I remember correctly, that was on a ship called the Kelso. It was part of an episode written by one of the fans. I don't remember what it was called. It had to do with an extragalactic race that came back for an exchange every 100 and something years. I think there was some kind of espianage or foul play involved that we had to investigate.
Rather fun, in all.
Um, I've played that mission but I don't remember it having any greenery.
Is it "City of the Polmar Ree"? Once every 216 years, every sentient species in the galaxy is invited to the extra-galactic space city of the ancient Polmar Ree.

If so, yes you need to get off the platform and see some of the interesting things that are available. I didn't remember the water and bridge though.


It looks like blondie is a player char. They are probably in your timezone. If blondie were a npc, I think npcs are game wide. So you'll see the same ones no matter what map you are one. After a while they will reset to a different npc though.

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