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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

42. Machete (C+)
43. Unmasking The Idol (D-)

Machete: There are a few good gags to be had here (Machete uses a man's intestines as a rope; a naked women stores a cell phone in...well, where she can), but overall the movie doesn't have much more to offer than the trailer from a few years ago. Like a lot of the Grind-house fare its emulating, there are long patches that are far too serious or just plain dull. Still, I can't come down too hard on a movie that's tongue-in-cheek enough to cast Steven Segal as a Mexican (unlike Rodriguez's Once Upon a Time in Mexico, the movie isn't playing this nonsense straight). It's just not as consistently fun as one would hope. Hopefully the sequel is better.

Unmasking The Idol: I'm flabbergasted that Eon Productions didn't sue the makers of this film (and its predecessor, which I haven't seen...yet). Don't let the labels fool you -- this isn't a James Bond "spoof." It's a full on rip-off. Piranha pool from Thunderball? Check. Gold bars from Goldfinger? Check. Some of the stealing is less blatant than that, but you get the idea (there's also a healthy does of the first two Indiana Jones movies here). Still, as bad as everything is (this is James Bond...but Bond where everyone in the middle of the "action" is at least middle-aged) some of the production design is of mild interest. I guess.

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