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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I never thought of that--the Governor maybe being responsible for the helicopter. All I know is that I'm pumped for season 3. It's been set up so deliciously. I've got to get back into Mad Men mode now. How am I going to rachet down? I love both shows, but they're sooooo different.

I could transfer my Lori hate back to Don Draper. Still, I could handle Lori's behavior if the narrative would simply cut the bull shit and acknowledge that she's a bad person. That Lady MacBeth routine she pulled whispering into Rick's ear about Shane thinking he couldn't protect them and now she gets high and mighty because Carl had to shoot him? How about watching your son once in a while, woman? Apparently Kirkman was asked about what Lori did, and his response was, "She's mad at herself." Just admit she's worthless and embrace it for her character, Kirkman. I'm team Andrea from now on.

I would expect the rest of the group to be thrown off by Rick's admission of what Jenner whispered and angry for awhile, but....he was hoping it wasn't true and he didn't have proof. It doesn't excuse Rick but makes it a little more understandable. Still, Lori should have stood up for him. She won't, though.

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