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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Rick isn't an asshole. I know he's fucked up by not telling them, but he's got reason to lose it. It's a fantastic set up, though for season 3--Rick's tenuous hold on sanity. This is the man who wouldn't initially leave Shane behind on that bus. Is he good? Is he bad? How will he react to that ungrateful cow Lori turning on him. Will he become a dictator? I can't imagine him going completely Shane.

He's made mistakes, but Rick's earned some good will and I do think that Daryl will have his back. Fascinating, fascinating set up. Andrew Lincoln really impressed me tonight. You notice that Rick didn't totally lose it until Lori stopped believing in him.

But her revulsion wasn't at Rick killing Shane. It was at the realization her 11 year old son is turning into a stone cold killer
Perhaps, but are we sure? That look on her face when Rick admitting killing him--before he told her about Carl. She broke physical contact with him. That's telling. Ohhhhh, I just wanted to smack her. Carl becoming a stone cold killer isn't exactly Rick's fault. Was it better if he let Shane take a bite?

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